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wii u
xbox 360
super nintendo

new 3ds xl
dsi xl
ds lite

switch games

crash bandicoot 4 - its about time
crash bandicoot n-sane trilogy
kirby and the forgotten land
mariokart 8 deluxe
the WORST game ever made
pikmin 4
pikmin 3 deluxe
pokemon mystery dungeon - rescue team dx
pokemon sword
pokkén tournament dx
splatoon 2
super mario odyssey
super mario maker 2
super smash bros. ultimate
the legend of zelda - breath of the wild

wii u games

injustice :/
lego dimensions
mario party 10
mariokart 8
new super mario bros. u
nintendo land
paper mario - color splash
super mario 3d world
super smash brothers for wii u
star fox guard
yoshi's woolly world

ps3 games


wii games

360 games

xbox games

burnout 3 - takedown
halo - combat evolved
halo 2
the simpsons - hit and run

gamecube games

goldeneye - rouge agent
namco museum
super mario sunshine
tony hawk's underground

ps2 games

dreamcast games

crazy taxi
sonic adventure
sonic adventure 2
soul calibur
web browser

ps1 games

snes games

donkey kong country
donkey kong country 2
mighty morphin power rangers????
MOVIE morphin power rangers
mario paint
some game my dad got
road runner's death valley rally??????
SUPER street fighter 2
super mario world
super mario all stars

genesis games

mortal kombat
sonic 2
sonic & knuckles
spiderman - maximum carnage
tazmania? taz mania?

nes garbage

double dragon 3

3ds games

animal crossing - new leaf
kirby battle royale
kirby triple deluxe
mariokart 7
pokemon ultra sun
pokemon super mystery dungeon
mario and luigi - superstar saga (3ds remake)
super mario 3d land
smash 4 3ds

ds games

adventure time - hey ice king! why'd you steal our garbage
club penguin - elite penguin force
guitar hero - on tour
kirby mass atack
mario and luigi - bowser's inside story
mariokart ds
mario party ds
megaman zx
new super mario bros
personal trainer - walking
plants vs. zombies
pokemon black ver. 2
pokemon mystery dungeon - blue rescue team
pokemon mystery dungeon - explorers of darkness
pokemon white ver. 2
sonic rush
super mario 64 ds
warioware diy
warioware touched!

gba games

gba video - cartoon network collection
crash bandicoot - the huge adventure
crazy taxi
kirby nightmare in dreamland
mario kart - super circut
pokemon mystery dungeon - red rescue team
sonic advance 2